According to reports, the Saudi Ministry of Transportation in coordination with the Saudi local governments, economic planning, Ministry of Finance and other units, to explore Saudi Arabia's National Highway Traffic network planning and construction to meet the needs of economic development and population growth. Saudi territory-wide mileage is about 59,000 km, including the highway, one-way and two-way highway is being built in the highway mileage of 22,000 km, expected from Muharram 1427 Hijri calendar 1434, the Ministry of Transportation in the development of road traffic budgets up to 58.916 billion riyals.

vsi5x sand making machine

  Liming Heavy Industries Hydraulic cone crusher quite closely with the German advanced technology, perfect design combination of crusher speed, eccentricity and high-performance crushing chamber type, is the latest cone crusher, which greatly improved the production capacity and crushing efficiency. A very wide range of applications in a variety of pieces, crushing to a variety of ore from limestone to basalt stone production broken crushing performance with unparalleled, ultra-crushing job. Liming Heavy highway sand production line, using the configuration of Liming Heavy Industry Science & Technology CS cone crusher, the VSI sand making machine, YZS shaker and XSD sand washing machines and other equipment, under the premise of efficient cone crusher broken system sand stone shaping function, the shape of the final material. The whole production line can realize the Nissan high-standard gravel 1000 side, and fully meet the highway construction projects. Liming Heavy Industry Science and Technology of highway construction using high-grade aggregates production equipment is also widely used in the construction of reservoirs, nuclear power plants, docks, airport runways, construction waste, concrete mixing and other projects.

  Saudi Arabia to vigorously develop the highway network, means that the infrastructure construction in Saudi Arabia and a boom, but will also promote fragmentation, such as sand mining machinery and equipment needs, Liming Heavy Industry to provide you with full comprehensive set of solutions is the most good choice, please contact us for more information!