Liming Heavy Industry Co. Ltd decides to implement 6S management in the whole company.  From the day of August 20, 2011, training about 6S management is being held in every department.

"6S management" by the expansion of Japanese companies from 5S is a modern enterprise effective on-site management concepts and methods. 6S is essentially a kind of execution of the corporate culture, emphasizing the culture of discipline in order to more effectively manage the whole company, improve work efficiency, and ensure product quality as the company continues to expand .

"Enterprises that cannot implement 6S management effectively cannot be excellent ones. Through our training, we hope to create harmonious working environment, in order to improve working efficiency of the staff.” Manager says.

The training of 6S management is concerned about and focuses on the cultural quality of each employee, and enhances staff efficiency and motivation, keeping the workplace clean. Finally, good habits are formed and pursuit of the highest state is reached.